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Welcome to Spectrum Event Medical Services

As Ontario’s largest event medical services company, we provide onsite medical teams to ensure the health and safety of your attendees. Whether you're hosting a football game, concert/gala or filming a movie or television show our team of certified professionals can perform onsite medical services and/or escort attendees to hospitals via our non-urgent patient transfer vehicles.

We provide event medical services for the following

Corporate Events

  • Galas/ Banquets
  • Professional sporting events
  • Conferences/ Workshops
  • Concerts (indoor & outdoor)
  • Tradeshows

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Community Events

  • School based sporting events
  • Concerts (indoor & outdoor)
  • Street festivals
  • Tournaments
  • Town Hall meetings

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Private Events

  • Professional sporting events
  • TV/Film sets
  • Amusement parks/Attractions
  • Concerts (indoor & outdoor)
  • Galas/Banquets

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Why choose Spectrum Event Medical Services?

Event Safety

When planning an event, be it big or small, the safety of your attendees is an important aspect. As the event organiser or venue owner you are responsible for protecting the health, safety and wellbeing of everyone working or attending your event/venue. Spectrum Event Medical Services can ensure that your event/venue is adequately staffed with the right professionals to address onsite medical needs that may arise.

Our Experience

From “build-up” to “break-down” our onsite medical teams can provide you the assurance you need. With over 30 years of experience providing clients with event medical services, we can develop a customized event medical services plan that is tailored to the needs, attendees and location of your event or venue.  

Our Employees

Our workforce is the cornerstone of our business and we are committed to ensuring that clients receive the utmost level of care, compassion and excellence while using our services. Our workforce comprises of Certified Emergency First Responders and Ontario Paramedics (AEMCA) and are trained in CPR, Defibrillation and Basic Life Support. They are able to address a variety of medical needs on children, adults and seniors.  

Contact Us

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